Advises For the Buyer

General Advises

Inspection “Follow the common sense rule”

Before  inspecting  the machinery is a good idea to try to find the machinery manual and take a look first (in some manuals there is a chapter that writes down the accepted tolerances).It’s very important to inspect the machinery under power otherwise is very difficult to judge the condition of the machinery. During the inspection try to have your inspection equipment with you (dial indicators, test bars, etc) and examine the machinery carefully(mechanical systems, electrical systems etc). After the inspection write down the possible defects that you spot during inspection. Try to categorize the to major & minor defects. If the major defcts are to many or very critical it is wise to reject the machinery. Minor defects generally fixed easily.

Before taking the final decision reinspect the machinery and try to spot the so-called ‘dirty’ defects that are not spotted easily ( Many times you find the dirty defects after the purchase, for this is called ‘dirty’.) If it is clean from ‘dirty’ defects Go for It!

The next step is the transportation. For proper loading & unloading I propose again to check the manual for the loading procedure. During the loading, trasnportation and unloading you should always double check SAFETY issues!

Finally after the installation (leveling,etc)& maintance the machine is ready for production. Just turn th power swich ON.


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Advises For the Sellers

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